Our menù

Our menu embraces flavours coming from earth and sea to gift your palate with unique pleasures. We love working with the best raw ingredients from our territory so we can offer our guests an authentic and flavoursome contemporary cuisine.
Visit us to discover our tasty offer and let yourself go to our flavours.


The appetizer has a unique strength because it is in first place on the menu, it teases us with all those explosions of flavors and colors. There is no way to oppose an appetizer!!

Apulian Burrata with Valeriana Salad and in oil vegetables ( cherry tomatoes and artichokes )

€ 10

Selection of Italian Salami and Apulian Burrata min.2

€ 12

Toasted Bread, Stracciatella Cheese and Fresh Black Truffle Flakes

€ 12

Aosta Valley Beef Tartare with Black Truffle Flakes

€ 16

Aosta Valley Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan Fondue

€ 14

Octopus salad with Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

€ 16

Fresh Artichokes Salad with Parmesan Flakes

€ 13

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea with Apulian Burrata and Toasted Bread min.2

€ 10

Plate of Parma Ham aged 30 months and Apulian Burrata

€ 15

Fried Anchovies with potatoes chips

€ 15

Aubergine Pie with Parmesan Flakes and Tomato sauce

€ 15

Cod Rolls wrapped in potatoes petals and flavoured with mint olive oil

€ 14

Pumpkin Soup Cream, Crispy Pork Cheek, Gorgonzola Cubes and Bread Croutons

€ 13

Sea bass Tartare with fresh avocado and mint

€ 15

first course

The magic of some dishes lies in the flavors it evokes and which bring back memories, places and well-being.​

Macaroni ,"Carbonara ‘’ with egg, crispy pork cheeck and roman pecorino

€ 13

Giant Macaroni with fresh tuna, cappers, black olives and cherry tomatoes

€ 17

Macaroni with Norcia Sausages, Roman Broccoli and Pecorino cheese

€ 14

Long Noodles with clams, squid, cherry tomatoes and basil

€ 18

Long Noodles with crispy pork cheeck, roman pecorino and fresh artichokes

€ 15

second courses

Love is like good food, special things are always born from simple ingredients, but are made magical by the imagination

Baked pork ribs with mediterranean spices and potatoes

€ 23

Veal Fillet ,, Saltimbocca’’ with crunchy ham in white wine and sage sauce

€ 21

Beef check braised in red wine and mashed potatoes

€ 24

Fried seafood ( squid and anchovies ) served with potatoes chips

€ 20

Grilled Sliced beef fillet with Parmesan Flakes

€ 25

Citrus flavoured grilled octopus

€ 24

our Desserts

TO finish with taste

Contrario Vineria con Cucina pays the utmost attention to give our client a sweet treat at the end of the meal.
For this reason, the desserts are freshly prepared, guaranteeing the freshness and quality that has always distinguished our cuisine.
From Tiramisù to Semifreddo to Chocolate Mini Cake, our staff will advise you on the best dessert to end your culinary experience in the best possible way.


At Contrario Vineria Con Cucina the flavours of the tradition are merged with the attention to details and presentation: every dish is a marvellous experience for the palate and the eyes.


Monday - Saturday

Lunch: 12:15 - 14:30

Dinner: 19:00 - 22:30


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